MAC Board Meeting 4/20 at 6pm

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Passcode: 402114


Mission Statement

The Midlands Arts Conservatory prepares students for arts-related careers, a lifelong appreciation of the arts, and for high quality postsecondary studies. The school provides an arts-enriched personalized learning environment, integrating academic rigor and quality arts instruction for all students starting in the sixth grade.

I. Call to order

II. Reading of Mission Statement

III. Public Comment

IV. Reading and approval of minutes

A. March 16, 2021

V. Chair’s Report - Crystal Aldamuy

A. Board Retreat & Training

B. May Meeting

VI. Reports from officers

A. Head of School Report - Brad Tillman

1. Enrollment Update

2. Faculty/Staff Update

3. Fully In-Person Learning

4. Amendment Update

5. Calendar 2021-2022


B. Committee Reports

1. Finance- Dominik Mjartan, Melissa Kiddy

a) March Financial report

b) FY21 Budget adjustments

2. Fundraising & Community Engagement - Julie Young

a) Donations Update

b) Midlands Gives Update -- Julie Young

3. Arts Committee - David Turner, Larry Hembree, Kathleen Warthen

4. Relocation Committee and Planning- Rosie Craig,

5. Recruitment & Enrollment Committee - Larry Hembree, Lee Jane Kauffman

VII. Old Business

A. Talented & Gifted Program - Larry Hembree

VIII. New Business

A. 2021-2022 Academic Calendar

1. Vote Needed

B. FY21 Amended Budget

1. Vote Needed

IX. Executive Session

A. Legal Concern Review - Kathleen Warthen

B. Relocation Discussion

X. Adjournment

Notice of Meeting: In accordance with the SC Code of Laws, 1976, §30-4-80(d) and §59-40-50(B)(10), as amended, the South Carolina Public Charter School District was

notified of the time, date, and place of this meeting, and the agenda was posted on the web page and in the front office of Midlands Arts Conservatory