West African Dance choreographed by Sinclair Jamison
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Rosemarie Craig, Board Member

Rosemarie Craig is the chair person at R MacFarlane Craig Historic Properties and has served on the Midlands Arts Conservatory Governing Board since 2018. She is also the founder and board member of Vista Guild. Rosemarie served as President three times for a total of six years for the organization. She served on over eight committees and still is the chair for the Guilds Development Committee. She founded and marketed this extraordinary economic development engine that generates 2 million plus annually in HTax for our city’s Arts development and continued overall business development. For 37 years, Rosemarie served as an officer and CEO for M Craig Company. She built her local company into a nationally acclaimed company with ten representative showrooms that had a combined sales force of approximately 50 people. Team building and accountability with well developed social skills have proved to be an asset to all of her endeavors . To date she has saved over 700,000 sq ft of historic properties in our city and had a personal hand in recycling half of that. Rosemaire's most recent being the Palmetto Compress Warehouse circa a 1917. She is also a pioneer who enjoys a challenge and Midlands Arts Conservatory's start up and continued successful growth satisfies both. She serve with continued passion and commitment to our students by governing to supply them with a rich and unparalleled opportunity to study their art of choice while getting a thorough empowering academic education. She is part of and supports the vibrant arts community in our city. Interfacing our student artists with practicing artists is her joyful contribution.