Learn more about daily student life at Midlands Arts Conservatory.

Midlands Arts Conservatory believes engaged students are fundamental to the academic success of students. Therefore, the school strongly encourages all students to participate in various clubs and organizations.

Please note that each club needs an adult supervisor. Club proposals must be approved by MAC administration.

Festoon Committee

The purpose of the Festoon Committee is to enlighten and expose students at MAC to the culture and history of significate global holidays through decoration.

Safety Patrol

The MAC Safety Patrol is a student lead organization designed to protect fellow classmates and regulate rules to ensure all those on the MAC campus are safe.

Office Aids

The Office Aids are a group of students with a desire to assist teachers and staff with office related tasks.

MAC Snack Shack

The MAC Snack Shack provides students and faculty healthy snack options during lunch and break times. Additionally, the MAC Snack Shack educates the student body about healthy food choices and gives the proceeds back to the school.

Recycling Club

The mission of the Recycling Club is to bring awareness to reducing the amount of trash through recycling initiatives. The groups mottos is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

The MAC-tivist

The MAC-tivist are a student organization made up of the officers of all the school club and organizations forming a student government type organization. This group is charged with organizing student events and activities.

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club is a teacher lead organization dedicated to learning the art and science of gardening.