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Ways to Support Midlands Arts Conservatory

Midlands Arts Conservatory GoFundMe

Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) is a free, fine arts focused public charter school located in Columbia, South Carolina. MAC is seeking additional financial resources to support its high quality fine arts programs- dance, strings, theatre, and visual arts.

Any monetary gift would be greatly appreciated. We are educating tomorrow’s artists, dancers, musicians, and actors.


Amazon Smile

Use the Amazon Smile Charity option to donate 0.5% of your purchase to Midlands Arts Conservatory.

Publix Partners

Please visit the Publix Partners site, scroll down to the green “” link, log in or sign up for a new account, then under “My Account” go to “My Publix Partner” and choose Midlands Arts Conservatory. This is an easy way for our school to receive needed funds to support our students and our arts programs! Thank you!

Box Tops for Education

We are excited to announce that we are now signed up with Box Tops For Education! So, please start saving your Box Tops. Ask your family & friends to save theirs, too! Did you know if you go to the Box Tops for Education site, you can register to earn extra Box Tops and will be alerted to items that will have bonus Box Tops. We will be setting up a collection box up in the office soon. Thank you for your support of our school.

Lowes Foods Cart to Class

Please visit the Lowes Foods Cart to Class website and scroll down to Cart To Class and choose “link your school to your card.” We will then receive funds from Lowes Foods based off of purchases of anyone who links MAC to their card! Please also ask your family and friends to do this.

Community Coffee Cash for Schools

Please let your families & friends know to start saving their proof of purchases from any Community Coffee products that they purchase. Also, if you find a business or restaurant that uses Community Coffee, please ask if they will partner with us, save their proof of purchases for us and help us earn money for our school. Thank you!

Community Partners

Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands

Ebenezer Lutheran Church 

Koger Center for the Arts

Midlands Arts Conservatory PTO

Rotary Club of Eau Claire/North Columbia


Woman’s Club of Columbia


Businesses & Corporations

Colite International LTD (Andy Anderson)

Bloom on Forest Drive

MacFarlane Craig Historic Properties

Crave Market (Ola Helsing & John Brunty)

The Home Depot – Two Notch Road

McKay Kiddy

North Columbia Business Association

Optus Bank

Rice Music House


The War Mouth

Turner Caudell, PA



Baker & Baker Foundation
South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control
The Lipscomb Family Foundation
The Mockingbird Foundation



Catherine Aitken

Crystal Aldamuy

Gary Anderson Jr


Evelyn Barron

Shannon, Porter & Mila Barron

Sallie Best

Rachel Setzler Brown

Nancy & Earl Bryant

Katherine J Burris

Phillip Bush

David Byars

Dawn Campbell

Kimberly Cartledge

Becky & Chuck Carter

Christina Clark

Sarah Conrad

Candace Coon

Robin & John Dean

Charles Dickson

Jennifer Dunbar

Melissa Ellington

In Honor of Susan Faith Ellington

Carl Eisenstad

Douglas Fabel

Martha Fowler

The Gabrielli Family

Mary Gilkerson

Jerry Dell & Benjamin Gimarc

Michelle Giovannone

Bonnie & Harry Goldberg

Marion Goldsmi

Amanda Goins

In Memory of Lisa Grumman

Brian Gwin

Christine & Tayloe Harding

Candace Heinz

Larry Hembree & Joe Hudson

Andrea L’Hommedieu

Robert Jesselson

Carl Johnson

Natalie Jane Kaufman

Matt Kisner
Pauline Lafitte
Contribution of G.B. Lane Music Library to MAC, by his wife Pat Lane
Jim Litzinger
Alan K. Lomica
Barbara Lucas
Heather McCue

Joan McCulley

Nicole Miller

Dominic Mjartan

Joe Monts

Dr. Philip Mullen

In Honor of Andie Nicks and Slayton Johnson

Betsy Oakman

Victoria Oglan

Mary S. & Jyotindra Parekh

Lori Potts

Jan Mooneyhan Queen

Jada Quinn

Dr. Joseph Ray

Christopher Rose

Ellen Douglas Schlaefer

Buffie Schmidt

Odette Seiler

Lori Shakespeare

Denise Self

Margaret Shelton

Eric Stiehr

Kerry Stubbs

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Taylor

Debbie Thomas

Suzanne Thorpe & John Baynes

Mary Anne & Brad Tillman

David Turner

Mary A Turner

LaJean & David Turner

Rebecca Velasquez
Amber Viera

Kathleen Warthen

Tami Waters

The Weiss Family

Lauren Wells

Barbara Werner

Denise Whitehead

David Whiteman

Latoya Wright

Julie Young

In Honor of Luke Young